Sunrise Studio

Evert Fletes Photography

Kenneth Lam Natalie Ng and Ally by Nicholas and Ally

Cobalt Blue Photo

Zia @tarin8320M @cassidoria @laynabrett

lightbrigadeimages Model @spellbunny

Photo by @msimperfecto @shaqdizi

Nervosa Studio Model Olga Kaminska Model @constance.angel


Left @leah.chan Right @blondecoffebean @ambe.rjad.e



Photo by @craveboudoir


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Studio Bon Soleil Sunrise Studio

Photography rental studio that features high ceilings, huge windows and Southern/Eastern exposures.

Sunrise Studio Booking Information

  • Minimum booking time is 2 hours.
  • Rates start at $45/hour (+HST) MON-FRI for photo shoots four people and under: $50/hr (+HST) SAT-SUN. If more people are involved and have access to the space the rates go up according to the number. If additional people show up above the agreed total number, the rate increases by $50 per additional person.
  • Overtime will be charged at a rate of 50/hr (if the space is available). If you think you will arrive early or run late, best to book accordingly. Doors to the studio open 5 mins before booking time starts. Overtime charges kick in 5 minutes after booking time ends.
  • Booking time includes load in and load out.
  • Videography and commercial photography rates differ, please enquire.
  • 100% of the booking fee is required to book the space (Interac e-Transfer or cash). Renters are responsible for all damages
  • Photographs or videos considered pornographic or any images that are defamatory to any subjects in the photograph are not allowed to be taken in either space. If you are unsure what this means, feel free to call me and I will clarify.
  • All shooting must be contained within the unit. No shooting in the hallways, public elevator, stairway, etc.
  • The swing is for sitting not swinging. The studio will not be liable for any action that occurs during use of the swing.
  • By booking the space you agree to the policies listed above.

Cancellation Policies

  • Cancellations given less than 48 hours notice will be charged 100% of the booking cost.
  • Cancellations given 48-72 hours notice prior to the shoot date will be charged 50% of the booking fee.
  • By booking the space you agree to the policies listed above.